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Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye named as potential pieces in a George Hill trade

The Cavs and Kings continue to have discussions.

Sacramento Kings v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

A few days ago, Shams Charania reported a possible link between the Cleveland Cavaliers and George Hill. Today, his rival, Adrian Wojnarowski, confirmed the report and had a bit more to add.

One of the more popular situations that was debated has emerged as guard/wing Iman Shumpert and power forward Channing Frye are the names attached to the proposed deal.

Two areas of interest would still remain for Kings fans. First, is there any more compensation from Cleveland’s side of things? Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye aren’t enough on their own to merit the Kings trading Hill. The Kings don’t need salary cap relief, and Hill will likely still have some value next season as both a player and essentially expiring contract. The Cavaliers are very unlikely to include the Brooklyn pick, but they also control their own first rounder as well. Currently, that pick is in the 24th overall slot. Cleveland also has young rookie wing Cedi Osman that they could potentially include.

There’s also the question of roster spots. Sacramento does not have enough roster space available to facilitate the trade. The Kings cannot simply waive Frye after the transaction takes place as they need to have room for him prior to the trade being completed.

A few reliable outlets, namely Wojnarowski’s colleague Brian Windhorst, have mentioned the Kings moving a young player like Malachi Richardson or Georgios Papagiannis in order to clear a slot on the team. If that’s the case, the Hill trade cannot be executed until a prior exchange is made. For those looking to play with the trade machine, seek out teams with enough cap space to absorb a young player and a roster spot to do so.

We’ll continue to update the site as things progress on the George Hill trade market.

UPDATE 2:00 pm:

It looks like some sort of draft compensation would be coming Sacramento’s way.