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Sacramento Kings part ways with Mike Bratz

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Bratz was a holdover from the Pete D’Alessandro era

Oklahoma City Thunder v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings have parted ways with Director of Scouting Mike Bratz, as first reported by Sean Cunningham of News 10 and later confirmed by the Sacramento Kings. The initial report was that Bratz was let go.

A statement from the Kings indicates that it was a mutual decision to part ways:

“We agreed to part ways and appreciate all of his contributions to the Kings. We wish him nothing but the best”

Anyone skeptical of the front office will surely raise eyebrows at this explanation, particularly with the original reports being that Bratz was fired.

Mike Bratz was a holdover from the Pete D’Alessandro front office. Bratz served as interim GM for the Kings before the title was officially passed to Vlade Divac. .

I’ve never heard anyone speak ill of Bratz. He seems well-regarded by anyone who has ever worked with him. The timing of this is a bit odd, but I’m willing to chalk this up as just a normal thing that sometimes happens in business. I also understand any Kings fans who sees this as a sign of continued front office instability. Time will tell.