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The Sacramento Kings

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Despite the final scores, we’ve been treated to two fun games so far.

Sacramento Kings v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings are a lot of fun to watch. That’s not something I expected to write after two games, and it’s not something I’d have guessed I’d be saying after losses by 6 and 20 points, respectively. It’s also not something I thought I say about a team that’s given up 123 and 149(!) points in two games that didn’t involve overtime.

And yet here we are. The Kings are a lot of fun to watch.

Let’s talk about Willie Cauley-Stein. Willie Trill finally looks like the guy he’s supposed to be! He’s had two fantastic games against Rudy Gobert and Anthony Davis. Two of the toughest guys to play against and Willie has shined! He’s rim-running, getting easy looks, moving the ball, and isn’t taking a ton of mid-range jumpers. He’s playing good defense, too. It’s awesome.

De’Aaron Fox has been everything I hoped he could be early in the season. Well, not quite everything, he’s 0-3 from beyond the arc. But everything else. He’s been aggressive, he’s been blowing past defenders, and he’s just looked like a guy making the year two leap that so many Kings youngsters of the past have failed to make.

Buddy Hield has been solid. If it’s possible to score a quiet 17 or a quiet 19 points, that’s kind of what he’s done. He may not become the star on this team, but he’s a hell of a scorer and hasn’t struggled at all as a starter.

Harry Giles has struggled with fouls and had a bad shooting night against the Pelicans, but he was getting good looks. Just bad bounces. It happens. But his passing has been beautiful. I’m not discouraged.

And let’s talk about Marvin Bagley III. The rookie put on a show against the Pelicans. Man he was fun to watch. It’s pretty well documented that he wasn’t the guy I wanted the Kings to take with the second pick, but I was thrilled to see him play so well in just his second NBA game. Give me a season full of that, please.

I’m really excited to see what the Kings can do once they get past this opening stretch of tough opponents, and what they’ll look like when Bogdan Bogdanovic returns. Yeah, the defense is a disaster, but the Kings are playing fast and I’m enjoying it. I’ve watched plenty of losing seasons of Kings basketball and I know this is still far from a playoff team. All I want is for the games to at least be entertaining. For now, the Kings are delivering on that.