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The Royal Mailbag: Week 1

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Question time!

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Sacramento Kings v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to the first edition of the new version of the Sactown Royalty Mailbag! This season, Will Griffith and Tim Maxwell will be hosting a weekly mailbag and delve into any mysteries nibbling at the outer edges of your reality. Have a question about a particular play? Ask it! Curious about a rotational decision? Send it in! Want to find out a random fact or opinion of the staff members? Put it in the comments!

Our goal is to develop a more involved, in-depth conversation through the regularity of the posts. We’ll each present our own view on any particular topic and may occasionally rope in other members of the staff to share their opinions as well. To send in your query:

-You can comment below

-You can reach us by email at:

-You can tweet the @SactownRoyalty Twitter account, or tweet/DM us directly at @WillofThaPeople and @TimMaxwell22

-You can ask our Sactown Royalty Facebook page!

Ask away!