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Kings 97, Grizzlies 92: De’Aaron Fox is a bad, bad man

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And he’s only 20!

Kimani Okearah

There’s only one team in their feelings after their loss, am I right?

In all seriousness, the Sacramento Kings started the game off poorly but controlled the second half and hung on with a win. It’s not a Kings win if it doesn’t involve scares at the end cough cough Buddy Hield cough.

De’Aaron Fox is playing really, really good basketball (yes, we’re forgetting the Denver game existed) and propelled the Kings to their second victory of the season.

First Quarter Observations

  • Justin Jackson got the start because Iman Shumpert was inactive
  • De’Aaron Fox scores first
  • Buddy Hield was blocked by Garrett Temple who was blocked by Nemanja Bjelica.
  • Then Willie Cauley-Stein gets the fast-break dunk!
  • Hield gets a fast-break lay-up
  • Hield a three and Memphis takes a timeout
  • Bagley vs. JJJ has begun
  • Bagley scores first against JJJ
  • JJJ answers
  • Great rebound by Willie and gets the and-1 opportunity
  • The Kings trail 28-19 after one

Second Quarter Observations

  • Bad drive by Yogi Ferrell
  • Harry Giles with a bad pass, but gets the lob from Frank Mason
  • Can we trade Temple for McLemore please? Pretty please?
  • Hield misses a wide open three
  • Bjelica gets the Kings a basket, finally
  • Fox to the rim for a lay-up
  • Hield with the left!
  • Willie going at Marc Gasol for two
  • Justin Jackson with a steal
  • Bjelica to Buddy for two!
  • Hield with a great find for Bagley
  • Jackson airballed a lay-up? Quarter ends 52-44

Third Quarter Observations

  • Fox opens with a lay-up and Hield gets one, too
  • Hield gets a lucky bounce for three
  • Fox missed a wide open two, got the rebound, but Hield missed a tough three
  • Jackson was short on a wide-open three but WCS got the offensive rebound and Bagley drew the foul
  • The Kings take the lead 61-60
  • That Vlade Divac stare though
  • Man, Mason needs to shoot the three
  • Jackson’s shot, yikes
  • Finally, a Jackson three!
  • 71-71 end of three

Fourth Quarter Observations

  • Mason shot a three and made it
  • Buddy a pull-up three!
  • Buddy a tip-in!
  • Buddy a fast-break dunk!
  • Belly a three! Kings lead 87-80
  • Jackson with a lay-up but Memphis finally gets in a shot
  • Jackson makes 12 free throws and so does Fox
  • Fox made Temple dance, C’MON
  • Buddyyyyyyy :(
  • Kings win!

Best Players

De’Aaron FRICKIN’ Fox. Flying, dancing, everything was on display from Fox tonight. Even missing every other free throw! The franchise point guard scored 21 points on 7/16 shooting and got to the line 12 times tonight, but only made seven. He also had eight rebounds and six assists. He even played some fantastic defense against Mike Conley, especially late in the fourth.

Buddy Hield bounced back like Fox did, which I mentioned they need to do in the last recap. Thanks for reading guys! Besides the blunders in the end, Hield played 41 minutes and scored 23 points on 10/20 shooting and also had seven rebounds. He missed quite a few open shots.

Nemanja Bjelica played 31 minutes and delivered with 11 points, 11 assists and five assists. His defense was solid with two steals and three blocks. He’s turning out to be a really good signing for this team.

Marvin Bagley is on here because he scored 13 points (4/8 shooting) and grabbed six rebounds in 22 minutes. We’re not in our feelings with his performances. Well, that last sentence varies.

Notable Players

Justin Jackson played 37 minutes tonight as well and scored seven points to go with 11 rebounds. His defense looked good today but that shot was wayyy off in the first half. He made two in the second half but finished 2/9 overall.

Harry Giles didn’t get into foul trouble! Well, that’s because he played six minutes and had four turnovers. He didn’t return after being taken out.

Yogi Ferrell made some questionable decisions today, which is why he only played 10 minutes. He was 0/5 from the field, taking various bad shots.

Willie Money Watch

Willie Cauley-Stein ended the first half with 11 points and one rebound on 5/7 shooting, but picked up on everything but the scoring in the second half. He finished with 10 rebounds and 6/14 shooting. I’m liking what I’m seeing from Willie, even though I agree he can be frustrating at times.

Notable Stats

The Kings won the rebound battle 67-54!!

The Kings were 21/33 from the line. The scoreline does not indicate what the score should’ve been if the Kings could convert from the spot.

The Kings out-assisted the Grizzlies 19-18 and each team had seven steals and six blocks.

Sacramento also had less turnovers and fouls than Memphis.

The Game in Two Sentences

No, we’re nowhere near jealous. Thanks for caring!

Next Game

The Kings host the Washington Wizards this Friday at 7:00 PM PST before heading on a four game road trip.