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Kings vs. Wizards Preview: Another Test for the Superteam

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The Kings are looking to even their record, but will have to square up against a very well matched Wizards team.

Kimani Okearah

The Washington Wizards are a good team, full of nice guys, who love and care about their families and just so happen to be squaring off against the Sacramento Kings, a team we root for. They have very nice and engaging fanbase and hail from a city that is known for its... umm... great museums and historical landmarks. John Wall is a great point guard. Bradley Beal is a great shooting guard. Otto Porter Jr. is a great future King, who I very much would like to see.

A toast to the teams, all teams, on both sides.

Let’s talk about Kings basketball.

When: Friday, October 24th; 7:00 pm PST

Where: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Wildcat Womping: Remember back before the Sacramento Kings drafted De’Aaron Fox and the big comparison with him was John Wall? Wall was never nearly as thin as Fox, but how do Kings fans feel about that comparison now that Wall has thicc’d up a bit more in recent years? Regardless, that matchup is a big draw for tonight’s contest against the Wizards, the surly, Ghost of Christmas Future equivalent that I could see down the road for the Sacramento Kings’ core if they all grew to their full potential. It seems like for years now the Wizards have endured a reputation of disinterest in one another, or even open annoyance from certain players that other players exist on this Earth. Wall and Beal have somehow flourished individually, but haven’t put it together for anything resembling a deep run in the playoffs. Ernie Grunfeld has locked himself into some heavy contracts that really restrict how much napping he can do in a given season. Much like the Grumpy cat meme, the Wizards as a unit seem a few years past their peak, sapped of their once great potential and something only that one friend from high school still brings up as cool whenever you have the heart to go home and meet up with them.

Tonight’s game will be particularly interesting because it holds the Kings greatest enemy, a mediocre opponent that we have a chance to beat. This isn’t insulting the Wizards, only mentioning that Wizard’s leading scorer Bradley Beal is not likely to suit up after a chest injury, nor will Dwight Howard, who is basically out because he came to training camp out of shape. So while the Wizards will be forced to play small ball tonight, the Kings can still absolutely outrun this team; their problem will be focusing on doing just that. That the Kings can find a way to 3-3 tonight, while playing the third hardest schedule, is something I would have never guessed in a hundred years. I don’t think I can write positive previews. I don’t know how.

S(acramento) T(heater) R(eview)

Tonight’s movie: The Kings might be end up 3-3 on the season after tonight. Watch the game.

What IMDB Says: Watch the game!

What I Have to Say: I won’t be watching the game, I’ll be at the convention center in Sacramento watching a live performance of “My Favorite Murder”, a fantastic podcast co-hosted by a woman who used to attend Sac State! So, go to the game, tweet me every time something great happens, and please, please don’t steal my Uber when all is said and done.

For Rent: Baby shoes, worn a bunch.

Trailer: Just a nice friendly, Will reminder for us fans who definitely can get emotionally invested in what’s going on: if the team doesn’t perform to your expectation, if your good friend calls our uniforms ugly, if some say this is an offputting, shitty preview (it is) etc. etc:


So many hugs are given tonight pregame. They just completely get totally wrapped with those nice long arms, holding warmth and brotherhood between NBA brotherhood members. Kings hugging Kings. Wizards hugging Kings. Fans hugging Wizards. Just, such beautiful hugs. Dave Joerger and Scott Brooks even raise friendly eyebrows toward each other, and uncross their arms long enough for a nice finger point. Everybody loves everybody.

Kings win and get to 3-3 on the season, but more importantly, a better place within themselves.

Kings: 42 hugs, Wizards: 39 hugs.