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Let’s dissect a few thousand pixels of a blurry whiteboard for potential Kings leaks

Always erase the whiteboard.

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A little more than a year after Rob Hennigan tweeted out a whiteboard filled with juicy tidbits on the Orlando Magic’s free agency and trade plans, the Kings themselves are subject to their own whiteboard mishap. Joe Pasternack, the head coach at UC Santa Barbara, tweeted a picture of his former player Gabe Vincent signing an Exhibit 10 contract with the Kings and upon first glance, nothing seems to be amiss.

But wait, what’s that...

That sure looks like a list of the Kings draft board. For those that can’t quite make it out, that’s Ayton (indecipherable), Bagley, Doncic, Porter, then a dotted line, then Bamba and Bridges. No huge revelations there necessarily, although it’s interesting that the Kings didn’t seem to have Jaren Jackson Jr. in their top 6 and that Vlade hasn’t erased his whiteboard since June.

But that draft board isn’t all that’s up there.

That scribble of 29-53 seems to be a record, maybe what the Kings are hoping for this season. That’d be a two game improvement from last year.

Also Will has an interesting theory on the numbers above Vlade’s head (not sure what the dollar figures are about though)...

More important than that though, is Vlade has a PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURE OF HIMSELF AS THE VLADFATHER IN HIS OFFICE.

But anyway kids, always clean your whiteboard. Wait a second, I see Bryant just posted a tweet of Greg’s workspace at the StR headquarters...

Oh no.