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A game in Seattle and a reminder of what could have been

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Today the Kings play in Seattle, but they’ll return to Sacramento and that’s what matters.

Boston Celtics v Seattle SuperSonics Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings will play the Golden State Warriors at Key Arena in Seattle in Friday. It’ll be a strange scene for several reasons. Kevin Durant, now with the Warriors, played his rookie season for the Seattle Super Sonics before they were relocated to Oklahoma City. And of course the Kings nearly relocated to Seattle before Vivek Ranadivé and his ownership group saved the Kings and kept them in Sacramento.

It’s strange to realize that we still aren’t that far removed from Here We Stay, whales, “You got Burkle?”, First and Goal, city council meetings, and developers. For all the griping we do about Vivek and the Kings, we’re all still happy to be rooting for this mess of a franchise. They’re a mess but they’re OUR mess. They’re OUR team that somehow scheduled a road and road back to back during preseason, and has another back to back coming up.

That said, it’s crazy that the NBA still hasn’t fixed the Seattle situation. The city should have a team. We’ve always felt that way, we just didn’t want them to have ours.

The return to Seattle will air on ESPN, tipping off at 7:30pm PT.

Go Sacramento!