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Harry Giles could make this season worth it all by himself

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Get on the hype train while you can!

Kimani Okearah

The Kings are no strangers to talented big men. Their current GM was one, Chris Webber was the best player on the best team Sacramento ever had, and most recently, DeMarcus Cousins made All-NBA teams despite the teams around him not being so good.

Harry Giles is trying to add himself to that list. The hype on Giles last season was all about the unknown, but now we’re starting to see it. In last night’s game against Maccabi Haifa, he pulled off a touch pass that had to be seen to be believed.

I mean, good lord. He was thinking about passing that ball before he even caught it. How many big men can make that pass? Hell, how many NBA players?

Of course, this is all just preseason, but Giles is still balling out (and needs to watch his fouls so he can stay on the floor).

We’ve seen a lot of bad basketball over the years in Sacramento, and the Kings are probably gonna be bad again this year. But if they can be fun, and guys like Giles show enough promise that it looks like maybe they won’t be bad for much longer, then it will all be worth it.