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The season is 10% over, let’s look at numbers

The numbers are good!

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just 8 games into the Sacramento Kings season, but that also means we’re now 10% finished with the regular season. Let’s revisit some numbers and speculate which trends are sustainable.


That’s the Kings winning percentage. That would put the Kings on pace for 51 wins! 51! That’s absurd! I don’t know many Kings fans that think the Kings are going to be 50-win team, but even if that falls off a bit the Kings are obviously on a much better pace than most expected. Speaking of pace...


The Kings are second in the NBA in pace as of this writing. We’re far enough into the season that this seems like it is no longer a fluke. The Kings are running. Get used to it.


That’s the Kings current points per game. That’s 7th best in the league. It’s definitely tied to the Kings pace and how quickly the team is getting up and down the floor. It’s incredible. The number may slip a little, but it seems like the Kings are going to be a solid offensive team.

40, 50

As of this writing, those are the respective rankings for Buddy Hield and De’Aaron Fox in points per game. Last season the highest scoring King was Zach Randolph, 77th in the NBA. Hield ranked 94th. Fox was 141st.


The number of Sacramento Kings shooting over 40% from three. Now, Marvin Bagley III will probably slip below that if he takes many more threes. Troy Williams has only taken six threes so far, so his could be small sample as well. But the Kings have Nemanja Bjelica at 54.5%, Iman Shumpert at 48%, Buddy Hield at 44.7%, and Frank Mason at 40%. it seems likely that three or four of those guys finish the year still shooting threes at a fantastic success rate.


Willie Cauley-Stein’s plus/minus. He leads the team, with Bjelica, Fox and Hield in order behind him. And it doesn’t feel like a fluke anymore. This is the most consistent play we’ve seen from Willie. I’m beginning to believe he could actually be this good.