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Kings 86, Lakers 101: Well, that sucked

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De’Aaron Fox was the only one who showed up and is still better than Ball. That's about the only positive.

Kimani Okearah

This game sucked on multiple levels. A different format for today, so let’s get into it.

  1. No one made shots, with the exception of De’Aaron Fox: Everything the Kings put up went everywhere around the rim, except in. It all started in the first quarter and it lasted for pretty much the rest of the game. However, we can thank Fox for making this game somewhat memorable in the sense that he is STILL BETTER THAN BALL AND IT’S NOT A DEBATE. Fox caught fire late in the second with multiple threes going in which brought the Kings back within single digits. But of course, they couldn’t take the lead thanks to their shot selection and sloppy turnovers. They got within one point I believe but then the Lakers decided to go on another run which the Kings didn’t have enough to come back from. Buddy Hield was the most disappointing one, as he was 3-17 from the field, having his worst game of the season.
  2. Lack of hustle and effort: Los Angeles clearly took advantage of the Kings inability to hustle on the court. Whether it was not getting rebounds, or not closing out against shooters, the Kings didn’t have it out there the whole game. I believe it was Bogdan Bogdanovic who didn’t close out against Rajon Rondo from three at one point. Rondo ended up making the three. Another instance came with Lance Stephenson not getting a close out. He would also make the three.
  3. No ball movement: There was a real lack of passing on offense today, and it was another frustrating aspect to the game. Marvin Bagley got into the post a lot of times and nothing really was effective. He turned the ball over or missed his shots. Bagley looked a little better late in the fourth, but it didn’t matter. There was another instance when Nemanja Bjelica didn’t pass the whole possession. He kept dribbling, then missed at the rim. That’s something I’ve seen quite a few times from Bjelica but this is easily the most frustrating example. The Kings only had 11 assists as a team. No Sacramento player had more than two assists.
  4. No Yogi, too much Justin Jackson: It was surprising to not see Yogi Ferrell out there. There has to be some reason why he wasn’t out there, otherwise there’s no reason for him to not be out there. He’s a solid option to bring off the bench for points, which he displayed yesterday against Minnesota. Justin Jackson got 16 minutes of playing time, compared to eight for Troy Williams. Jackson only made one three and didn’t do anything else notable.
  5. Willie Money Watch: Willie could’ve and should’ve had more rebounds than the 12 he already grabbed. He missed a plethora of shots in the first half (at one point was 3/10) but provided many highlight reel dunks and lobs, plus some jumpers. He finished with 12 points but had five fouls by the third quarter.
  6. Lakers: LeBron James. Nothing else to say. He was the clear difference maker, making deep threes and controlling the game when he had the ball. He led the way for LA with 25 points and seven rebounds. The Lakers also shot the ball poorly, but not at the Kings level. Lonzo Ball was 2-10 for four points, four assists and three rebounds. Who airballs a floater?

Next Game

The Kings host the San Antonio Spurs this Monday at 7:00 PM PST.