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Report: Dave Joerger may be on the hot seat, or not

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are off to their best start in years and are being recognized for finally changing their losing culture. Naturally the Kings front office is responding to this by thinking about firing Dave Joerger.

According to Yahoo’s Chris Haynes, the disagreement between coach and front office stems from Joerger not playing Marvin Bagley III enough minutes. Bagley averages 24 minutes per game. This is all absurdly stupid.

Haynes’ report suggest the front office is mad Joerger is starting Nemanja Bjelica, who has been great this year and vital to the team’s early successes. And if they didn’t want Joerger to play Bjelica, why did they even bother to sign him?

The whole thing reeks of a front office that has failed to learn from past mistakes. We can only hope nothing comes from this.

We’ll continue to update as this story develops.

Update: The Sacramento Kings released the following statement from GM Vlade Divac:

“Dave has our full support and confidence. We continue to work together to develop our young core and compete.”

While it’s good that the Kings quickly spoke out against the report, the team needs to figure out who within the organization leaked that information and deal with that individual.

The Kings can’t afford to have dissention from within the front office in the middle of the season. Leaks like this jeopardize everything the Kings have accomplished recently, and threaten to ruin team chemistry.