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Kings Links: People are talking nice about the Kings

I don’t know what to do with my hands

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Kimani Okearah

The Kings are the belle of the ball right now and while we’re having a lot of fun with it, it’s even cooler to see non-local media get in on the appreciation too. We don’t get a lot of that around these parts, especially over the last decade, so here’s some of the best stuff written about the Kings around the NBA world these past few days.

The Kings Aren’t Light-years Behind - Dan Devine of the Ringer

The Kings are finally starting to do the kind of stuff that good teams make unremarkable, and that bad teams never seem to do. A dozen years removed from being a serious team, that’s as good a reason to believe as any.

Lowe’s 10 Things I Like & Don’t Like, starring De’Aaron Fox - Zach Lowe of ESPN

We think of Fox as a straight-line blur for the suddenly turbocharged Kings, but his improved calm with the ball has been a big driver of Sacto’s early-season success. The Heat pressured Fox on Monday, hoping to fluster him, but Fox coolly turned that pressure against them

Is it OK to Be Excited by the Sacramento Kings’ Surprising Start? - Matt Moore of the Action Network

But as we look forward, the Kings aren’t blowing the doors off people, and that might be the best sign yet that this is actual growth and not just a hot start. Fingers crossed, the Kings may finally be getting it together.

The Sacramento Kings Are, Uh, Fine? Maybe? - Patrick Redford of Deadspin

It’s been fun as hell to watch a group of young players I was acutely skeptical about coalesce into a run-and-gun group that overwhelms more seasoned teams with pure speed and persistence. They don’t have their first-round draft pick this offseason, so they won’t try to do anything besides win, which is freeing, even if it means they won’t get to add another young piece this offseason.

Oh Man, De’Aaron Fox is So Much Fun - Chris Thompson of Deadspin (two positive articles on the Kings on Deadspin in one day? That has to be a sign of the apocalypse)

Fox finished with a 31-point triple-double on just 13 shots, and with just three turnovers. He is fast as shit, he is creative as shit, and he appears to have fewer of the infuriating bad habits of other extremely fast point guards [smashes head into table while John Wall finishes another breakneck drive with another panicked, live-ball, pass-to-no-one turnover]. He’s even shooting the ball reasonably aggressively, if not very accurately, from beyond the arc.

What’s Real and What’s Not in the NBA Right Now - The Ringer Staff

The Kings are playing NBA-style basketball for the first time … in a decade? Maybe even longer? They run a basic four-out offense with a slashing PG, a stretch 4, a rim-running 5, and wings who can shoot and defend. That’s really all it takes to not be bad. They won’t make the playoffs, but there’s no reason they can’t be competitive on their home court and steal the occasional game on the road.

And if you guys haven’t been introduced to Lance Woods yet, he is every Sacramento Kings fan’s spirit animal.

Even Charles Barkley’s getting in on the Sacramento Kings love!

Welp, Chuck guaranteeing us to win 42 games probably means this is all a mirage. It was fun while it lasted.