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Kings vs. Bucks Preview: The Bucks Stop Here

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This game is on Sunday, at 12:30 pm. Why basketball gods, WHY?!

Kimani Okearah

I’m gonna get some smack for this, and rightfully so, but this game might be the most important Sacramento Kings game played in a good while and fan are going to have to tune in on a Sunday and only half an hour past noon to watch it. An absolutely wild turn of events have lead the Sacramento Kings to a matchup that pits their five game win streak against the Milwaukee Bucks, a team that has gone 7-1 on the season and would be riding an eight game win streak had the Boston Celtics not hit a franchise record amount of threes against them. The Bucks are absolutely for real. The Kings? Well, the world is at least starting to ponder the off-chance that they might be, and if Sacramento can escape Milwaukee with a W, things might start getting a little wild in the Kingdom.

Let’s talk Kings basketball.

When: Sunday, November 4th; 12:30 pm PST

Where: Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee, WI


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

What the Actual Buck: Real quick: I’ve got to spit some numbers at you regarding Giannis Antetoukanteverspellitrightthefirsttime Antetokounmpo. To start this season, Giannis is averaging 26.1 points per game. Nice, good for him. He’s averaging 13.7 rebounds. Thirteen point seven.... Okay, he’s stepped that up a tad. The Greek Freak is averaging over 5 assists. He’s averaging over 52% from the field and doing so despite the fact that he’s shooting 5.9% from three. I did not mistype that, you did not misread that. The kid has shot sixteen threes this season: hit one. Hes also averaging a steal and a block and a half per game, and while he’s been in this league for a good bit now, he’s also only 24 years old. I’ve got no greater point, no deeper meaning, I only wanted to pass along that barring injury this kid is as close to a superhuman as the NBA world has seen in awhile.

SO the rest of the Bucks are killing it, as well. Lead by head coach Mike Budenholzer, the Bucks have opened up on an absolute tear this season, scoring 119.1 points per game (fifth in the NBA) at the fifth fastest pace and then allowing only 104.9 points per game, the FIFTH best mark in the league. They run fast, score in droves and defend the other end extremely well and by extremely well, I mean that have the second highest defensive rating in the NBA. The Kings are going to have to play a near perfect game to pull this off, but if any Kings team is going to do something as patently ridiculous as beating the best team in the East right now who play at roughly the same pace and with an MVP candidate going bananas on the league to start the season, it’ll be these goddamn Kings.

Short preview today: just watch this dang game ya’ll.


Marvin Bagley III is going to find a way to score 20+ points, De’Aaron Fox is gonna run by Eric Bledsoe like he’s actually 2018’s Drew Bledsoe and Khris Middleton is going to fall in love with the Kings just in time for our summer max deal that we offer him.

Oh and Giannis gets a triple double on us.

Kings 137, Bucks 131