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Kings 109, Bucks 144: Back Down to Earth

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Giannis dominates as the Kings fall in Milwaukee

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks are a really good basketball team, which is all you need to know.

The Kings opened the game up 14-7, but that one timeout taken by the Bucks changed everything. Once the Bucks regained the lead, they never looked back. Three after three, foul after foul, free throw after free throw went the Bucks way.

The scoreline indicates this was a bad loss, but there are still positives to be taken from it. The Kings went 3-1 on this road trip and now head home for four games. Through ten games to begin the season, they are 6-4 and that still tops what anyone predicted out of them.

First Quarter Observations:

  • Giannis is a dandy
  • Hield scores first for Sacramento
  • Hield hits a deep pull-up three
  • Buddy with a hot start
  • That’s a three for Fox!
  • Kings are up 14-7, forcing Bucks to call a TO
  • Giannis getting those MVP-esque calls (that one was ridiculous)
  • Bucks on a 8-0 run
  • A deep, deep three miss by Bjelica
  • Bucks taking control 23-15
  • Hield finally gets the Kings a basket
  • If JJ can hit those at a much better rate...
  • Bagley all the way down the court for two
  • Bagley for three!
  • JJ floater
  • Buddy for three, has 12 already
  • Bagley airballs a three
  • 39-30 end of 1

Second Quarter Observations

  • Snell a three for the Bucks
  • JJ misses a three and Giannis gets an and-1 chance the other way
  • Kings down 17
  • Shumpert from midrange
  • Troy Williams enters
  • Fox right to the rim for two
  • Bucks lead 60-38
  • Fox gets another three
  • Doug said it perfectly. Kings aren’t getting the same calls as the Bucks
  • Willie midrange jumper is good
  • Bjelica has lost the ball so many times
  • 72-50 end of the first half

Third Quarter Observations

  • Fox, wowie
  • The whistles have started (rolls eyes)
  • Giannis, sheesh
  • Hield gets the and-1 chance
  • Fox another three
  • Bagley is drawing a lot of fouls which is good to see
  • JJ hits a three, followed by a Williams’ three
  • The Bucks finally missed a free throw
  • Of course, the Bucks made a three at the buzzer. 108-82 is the score after 3

Fourth Quarter Observations

  • JJ scores
  • Shumpert three
  • Bagley what a nice block
  • Yogi and Giles come in. JJ hits a three
  • Mason a block, wow
  • It’s a 28 point game in the fourth with 7:48 to go and Giannis finally comes out
  • This is just like the Pelicans game
  • JJ another three
  • Williams another three
  • See above
  • 144-109 final score

Best Players

Justin Jackson led the way for Sacramento off the bench with 22 points on 9/12 shooting. His three ball started to fall and he was converting around the rim, all good signs.

Buddy Hield opened the first quarter with 12 points, but finished with 19. He didn’t play a whole lot in the second half due to the score but if the game was closer, Hield easily goes over 20 points again and that’s a good sign.

De’Aaron Fox made great plays again, but didn’t shoot the ball particularly well. He finished with 15 points, six rebounds and six assists in 26 minutes of action. He didn’t get to the line once in this game, as compared to him making 10/11 free throws against Atlanta.

Willie Money Watch

Willie got into foul trouble fast and he ended up playing only 19 minutes. In those minutes, he scored six points and grabbed four rebounds. This was his least encouraging performance this season.

Notable Players

Nemanja Bjelica was unusually bad today. In 21 minutes, he was 2-8 from the floor and failed to create any impact like had in all of the previous games.

Marvin Bagley came off the bench and scored 11 points to go along with six rebounds and a great block. He shot the ball very poorly and struggled at the free throw line, despite making his first three and drawing lots of fouls.

Troy Williams looked solid in his 16 minutes of action. He scored 11 points as well and made all of his three pointers. His only downfall was that blunder of a dunk that drew laughter in the crowd late in the fourth.

Notable Stats

It’s not my favorite stat, but every Kings player had a plus/minus of zero or worse. Koufos was the one with zero.

The Bucks made a franchise record of 22 threes. Those absolutely killed the Kings, similar to the Pelicans game.

The Bucks were also 30-33 from the free throw line, compared to the 11-22 from Sacramento.

The Kings were out-rebounded 56-44 and out-assisted 30-24.

The Game in One Sentence

Bogi is coming!

The Next Game

The Kings return to Golden 1 Center this Wednesday as they take on the Toronto Raptors at 7:00 PM PST.