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The Kings are in a tier of their own in transition

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Sacramento’s current transition scoring would set a modern NBA record

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As has already been heavily discussed, the Kings’ newfound identity is to basically run 100 miles an hour and score, score, score. Sometimes it works, as it did during Sacramento’s 5 game winning streak, and sometimes the other team can keep up and score even more efficiently, as was the case in New Orleans, Denver and Milwaukee.

But the Kings aren’t just pushing the pace to push the pace as some teams seem to be doing (see Atlanta, who have run even more than the Kings but haven’t had nearly the same success), the Kings are doing it because they’re really freaking good at it.

Led by De’Aaron Fox, the Kings are scoring more points in transition than any other NBA team by a good margin.

The Kings are both one of the most efficient and high volume transition teams in the league. De’Aaron Fox stated after one of the team’s games this season that the team’s strategy relies heavily on attacking teams before they can set their defense, because scoring against a halfcourt defense is much harder. The strategy makes sense, and the Kings have the personnel to pull it off.

The Kings likely won’t be keeping up the same efficiency for the entire year, but it would not be surprising to see them stay among the league’s leaders in overall transition points. That’s what the team is focusing on and building around, and so far they’re sticking to the plan.