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Kings 2018 City Jerseys Revealed

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Sacramento’s newest jerseys improve on last year’s but only barely

via the Sacramento Kings

Over the past few days teams around the league have been reveling their 2018 NBA City Edition uniforms and today the Sacramento Kings officially unveiled their City jerseys (after the Nike app leaked them accidentally for a few minutes).

You might recall that last year’s jerseys weren’t exactly met with rave reviews. And if you shared that opinion in 2017, you’re probably not going to be super excited about the 2018 submission, which only offers a few subtle tweaks over it’s predecessor. Personally I’m done with the baby blue but let’s dive in.

The baby blue is sticking around for another season along with the contrasting white block on the shoulders. You will notice however that they’ve ditched the grey “Lion Ball” logo on the chest in favor of the “SACTOWN” moniker, which I think sort adds a bit more of a natural border/separation between the blue and the white. I do think the font is probably a size or two too small but I am high on the switch to standard sized numbers on the front, which can now be found in a more familiar geographic location.

All in all, this is basically the same thing we got last year and that’s disappointing to say the least. It’s hard not to be envious of fans of teams like the Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves, who are going to be rocking these hot fire joints all year:

Look how much fun those are!? And more importantly, they’re so much more representative of their cities and fans. I’m probably alone here but I could use a break from the baby blue altogether. We’ve been trying to make baby blue - with the players name under the number - happen, for YEARS. Let’s move on y’all, they only even wore that jersey in Sacramento for one year. My day-one Sacramento Kings fandom doesn’t identify with baby blue at all!

Give me the forgotten Mitch Richmond, Spud Webb, Waymon Tisdale, Royal Blue and Red or give me death!

Anthony Webb ROYAL BLUE

Give me a nod to the OG Chris Webber black jersey with the tough Kings font, and let me remember the greatest show on court.

Chris Webber #4

Hopefully in 2019 we’ll be graced with a City Edition uniform worthy of our vibrant city’s rich history and the best fans in the NBA who inhabit it. If nothing else, can we just make it more fun?


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