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De’Aaron Fox is finding his shot

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Fox is finding his groove from beyond the arc, which should terrify opposing defenses.

NBA: Preseason-Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

De’Aaron Fox is one of the fastest players in the league. His speed and body control make him nearly impossible to stay in front of. Play him too close and he’ll be past you before you can blink. Luckily for opposing defenses Fox has never been a great three point shooter. He shot just 30.7% from three last season and started this season shooting even worse. In his first five games Fox shot an abysmal 10% from beyond the arc, making just one attempt in five games.

But now that’s started to change, and it could take Fox to an even higher level of dominance.

Over the past six games Fox has increased his efficiency and volume of three point attempts. In the past six contests Fox has shot 50% from three on 3.6 attempts per game. For the season Fox is now shooting 37.5% from deep.

I’m not assuming Fox will continue to shoot 50% from deep this year, but I also think it’s fair to identify the beginning of the season as an aberration. If Fox can reliably shoot threes in the high 30s, defenses aren’t going to be able to sag off. If defenses can’t sag off, Fox can blow past them. Per Fox is shooting 40% on pull-up threes, which account for 62.5% of his three point attempts this season. These threes aren’t shots that De’Aaron needs to be set up for, they’re shots he’s creating because he sees daylight.

Watching Fox, none of this seems like a fluke. His shot always looked good, he just wasn’t dialed in on the distances. But now that all seems to be changing.

If De’Aaron Fox can keep this up he is going to be an absolute nightmare for the rest of the league.