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Help us treat Sacramento foster kids to a Kings game!

Sactown Royalty, the Sacramento Kings and the Ticket to Dream Foundation are partnering once more to help local youth have some fun and see a game! #HereWeGive

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a year ago, you guys came up huge. We helped raise money to send over 1,200 foster kids from the community to a Sacramento Kings game. Those kids, who are dealing with so much in their day-to-day lives, got to take a break and enjoy some NBA basketball, watching the Kings win their home finale against the Phoenix Suns. For many of those kids, it was likely their first time getting to see a sporting event in person, let alone an NBA game.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve once again partnered with the Kings and the Ticket to Dream Foundation to help get kids to a Kings game. The game is on February 4th against the San Antonio Spurs, so even if you can’t donate now, the link will be open for a while and should give us plenty of time. Tickets cost $20 flat without fees, and for every ticket sold, the Kings will match and donate another ticket, so even one donation helps send two kids to the game.

To donate, just click here and select how many tickets you want to purchase. Once you pay for the ticket(s), that’s it. The tickets are automatically donated, and the Kings and Ticket to Dream will distribute them to deserving youths.

Last time we sold over 600 tickets in just 10 days. Given how much extra time we have, it’s not crazy to think that we could sell over 1,000 and send 2,000 kids to a game. Those kids will get to see the lightning speed of De’Aaron Fox, the sharpshooting of Buddy Hield, and a Kings team that is among one of the more fun to watch in the entire NBA.

Ticket to Dream Executive Director Gina Davis has this to say:

“Ticket to Dream is excited to be working with the Kings, Sactown Royalty, and their generous fans as we bring local foster families the thrill of seeing their basketball favorites take the court. These experiences mean the world to a foster child. Not only is it a memory they cherish but it’s also a reminder that their community cares.”

So let’s spread the word and get as many kids to this game as possible. The Sacramento community and Kings fans in particular have shown time and time again how we step up for each other, whether it’s fighting to keep the team here, or donating money to victims of the most recent fires. Now let’s help set up a new generation of Kings fans who can enjoy this team and this sport for decades to come.

To find out more about the Ticket to Dream Foundation, visit