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The Dash Bros T-Shirt!

New Merch!

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The folks at Breaking T are back at it again with another wonderful NBPA approved design for Kings fans.

The new shirt, designed by Nick Torres, plays off of a wonderful nickname that our very own Tim Maxwell came up with for De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield: The Dash Bros, crediting the fact that this is the fastest backcourt on average in the entire NBA. Thanks to both Fox and Hield, the Kings have pushed to an 18-15 record and both players deserve serious All-Star consideration. (Speaking of which, All-Star voting began yesterday, get your votes in!)

Also, if you buy a shirt using discount code WELCOME2019 you will get 19% off your order!

You can get a Dash Bros shirt by clicking here!


We will no longer be promoting the Sacramento Scores shirts out of respect for Iman Shumpert’s wishes. The Dash Bros shirts will remain however.