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Watch De’Aaron Fox and Iman Shumpert try to make each other laugh with bad jokes

It’s awesome seeing how much fun these guys have together, on and off the floor.

The latest episode of Whistle’s YouTube series Bad Jokes features a couple of our favorite Sacramento Kings players, De’Aaron Fox and Iman Shumpert. For those of you who haven’t seen a Bad Jokes episode, the premise is basically that each player tries to tell each other the corniest or straight up bad jokes and the first one to laugh loses. Rumor has it they were going to try to do this episode using just some of Tim Maxwell’s jokes, but YouTube doesn’t allow for videos over 10 hours long.

This season’s been a fun ride and the chemistry between guys like Fox and Shumpert is a big reason why. This is a group that likes to have fun, both on and off the court.