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Relive Bogdan Bogdanovic’s Game Winner in all its glory

Bogdan gave us THE moment of the year so far.

Kimani Okearah

If you’re anything like me, you have been watching Bogdan Bogdanovic’s game winner over and over. Beating the Lakers any time always feels good, but to do so on a buzzer beater at home is even better, especially when the game actually matters.

And what a shot it was. Golden 1 is relatively new, but this might be the most iconic moment so far. The way it hangs in the air for an extra millisecond before dropping in gives it some more oomph. I was watching with friends at a brewery in Folsom, and the whole place erupted after the shot. Sacramento is so ready to celebrate a good team again, and last night it felt like the powder keg finally exploded.

I’ve compiled all the replays, angles and crowd reaction shots from the game winner here. Enjoy.

Here’s Gary Gerould’s call and reaction:

Here’s the Lakers feed call with bonus footage of dejected Lakers walking off the floor:

Here’s Grant and Doug’s reaction:

And now for some reactions from the crowd, as well as people watching at home and elsewhere:

And it wouldn’t be a Kings game nowadays without Sir Lance Woods hyping up the fanbase:

Bogi wants the world to know, he told you:

The Titanic song makes every moment better, and this is no exception:

What a night, what a win. I’m jealous of all of you that got to be there in person. Go Kings!