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As soon as Bogdanovic caught the ball he knew that ‘move was coming’

Bogdan's stepback fadeaway to win the game was the culmination of a lifetime of clutch shots.

Kimani Okearah

Buddy Hield entered the Kings locker room to introduce his own unique chant/song on Thursday night:

”Sac-ra-ment-o, Bogdanovic, Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé … Bog-dan, Bog-dan, Bog-dan-ovic, Bog-dan, Bog-dan, Bog-dan, Bog-dan.”

Hield shouted this and more from across the room as media surrounded Bogdan Bogdanovic and De’Aaron Fox to talk about the Sacramento Kings thrilling last-second win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Hield and Fox are having great seasons, but it was just earlier this week, when Hield reminded everyone not to forget about Bogdan Bogdanovic.

With 4.3 seconds left in a game in which the Kings were down 2 to the Los Angeles Lakers, Bogdanovic reminded everyone he is here for the big moments. His step-back three-pointer over the out-stretched arms of 7’1’’ Tyson Chandler sent the team and crowd into an absolute frenzy – the likes that Golden 1 Center maybe has yet to see.

Relive the moment here.

Bogdanovic, who finished with 23 points on 9-16 shooting, head coach Dave Joerger and other teammates discussed the big play after the game.

Bogdan Bogdanovic

”That was the play. As I said, that’s a practice shot, two dribbles, pull up, right step back and shot. Sometimes it goes in, sometimes it goes off, but tonight it was in. ...

I didn’t know who was it, I really didn’t watch who was in front of me I just did my move and that’s all I know. I think it was [Tyson] Chandler, right? ... I didn’t realize they switched ... I just did my move, nothing else ... I knew they would try to run me off the line and it was four seconds, I didn’t want to force a hard layup so as soon as I caught the ball I saw that move was coming. …

As soon as I released it I knew and I was running back and I saw, it’s coming. …

The whole gym was going crazy ... I don’t know what I was doing after that, honestly .... I cannot describe it, it’s not like on a TV, it’s reality and to score that shot in the NBA, it’s one of my achievements in my career. …

I have many shots like this in Europe, you should check it. But it was one in the history, let’s say.”

Dave Joerger

”I said, ‘Bogi you are going to get it right here, knock this in.’ I didn’t expect that we would see a seven-footer and have to take two dribbles and lean a little bit, but it was a heck of a shot. …

I think he’s a big-game player. He’s really, really smart and when you get into situations where you have to start moving guys around and they have to make reads on the run out of a set, when we play structured he is at his best.”

De’Aaron Fox

”He made a lot of big plays at the end, he was our go-to-guy scoring the ball today in the fourth quarter and we made a good comeback and he made a big shot. …

I was in the huddle, I knew where the ball was going. We were trying to make an effort to get him the ball. Like I said, he was playing well in the fourth quarter. …

Everybody is cheering for each other, it doesn’t matter who makes that shot, you see guys running off the bench, you see guys jumping on top of each other. It’s a tight-knit group – whoever makes a shot, that is who we are going to celebrate with.”

Iman Shumpert

“It’s a lot fun, especially when one through 15 is celebrating the same way. If you look at any of the pictures, you could have thought any, if you shoot it from the right angle it looks like I hit the shot, it looks like Buddy hit the shot, it doesn’t matter. That’s part of the definition of it doesn’t really matter who does it, it’s about a collective group getting it done. You saw we played a lot of different lineups tonight, it didn’t matter, next guy in, next guy up. …

It’s a vibe, it’s a feeling when you can look somebody in the eye with conviction saying that you’re going to win the game – it’s a different feeling to have. When you come to the bench and there’s a guy looking you in the eye telling you it’s going to happen and you can believe that look, you’d be surprised at how much energy you give the bench.”


A couple of side notes:

Bogdanovic did bump knees with Brandon Ingram earlier in the game and had to come out for a few minutes. He said he felt no pain later in the game though.

Shumpert may be able to play in back-to-back games now moving forward as doctors and trainers recommend he not do so for the first 25-30 games of the season.

Fox said the crowd helped them win the game, but wasn’t too pleased with the amount of Laker fans in the building: “They help us a lot. There be too many f******* Laker fans in here, but we definitely feed off the energy and it’s always great. If we are on the road maybe that shot doesn’t go in. We definitely feed off those guys. When our defense picks up and we start getting stops and we start scoring, you really feel the crowd get into it.”