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Will the Kings buyout Vince Carter?

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What does Carter want for the remainder of this season?

Kimani Okearah

With the buyout of Joe Johnson completed, the only remaining buyout possibility for the Sacramento Kings seems to be Vince Carter. Carter joined the Kings on a one-year contract, and has said multiple times that he joined for the opportunity to play. Carter believes, and has shown at times this season, that he’s still capable of performing in the NBA. But still, the buyout idea exists. The New York Times’ Marc Stein reports the Kings are hopeful Carter will stay, but would work with Carter if he wanted to join a playoff team.

The Kings’ approach is correct in the case. If Carter wants to go, you do right by him. He’s been a great vet for the young Kings, and deserves to be treated well. But like the Kings, I hope he’ll stay. I’ve loved everything about having Carter on the roster. His pregame warmup highlights are consistenty fun and impressive, he’s constantly in the ears of young guys serving as a coach on the bench, and he’s able to provide veteran savvy on the court when called upon.

I wouldn’t blame Carter if he wants to go join a playoff team, and if he wants to leave the Kings should do right by him, but I really hope he stays.