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Kings vs. Rockets Preview: Let Threedom Ring

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The Kings’ last game before the All-Star break is in Houston against the three happy Houston Rockets.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The evolution of basketball over the years has been amazing to watch, from the decreasing importance of lumbering big men and halfcourt offenses to what we have nowadays in teams pushing the pace and jacking up threes at historic rates. The Rockets, perhaps more than almost any other team except the Golden State Warriors, embody this new NBA in its most advanced form.

I’m not sure why this game is even scheduled at this point. Can’t we just give the Rockets the W and call it a break? All I want from this game is no injuries.

When: Wednesday, February 14th; 5:00 pm PST

Where: Toyota Center, Houston, TX


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration:

As far as I can tell, the Rockets are doing something this year that no NBA team has done in history; They’re shooting more threes (42.7 a game) than twos (41.9 a game). That’s ridiculous to think about. Part of that also has to do with the fact that they get to the line so much. No team has a higher free throw rate either, in large part due to the work of James Harden, who is putting together another MVP caliber season.

The addition of Chris Paul has taken a big burden off of Harden’s shoulders as well, and the Rockets now essentially have two of the best passers in the entire NBA on the court at any time, surrounded by some of the best shooters in the NBA. They’re first in the NBA in offensive rating, almost a full point ahead of the second place Warriors. Their defense, maligned for so long, has now come around as well (now 9th in the league) with the additions of guys like P.J. Tucker and and Luc Mbah a Moute, as well as the emergence of Clint Capela.

These Rockets are a dangerous team, and one that could challenge the Warriors for supremacy in the Western Conference.

So yeah, I don’t think the Kings have much chance in this one, especially given that it’s the second night of a back to back. All I can hope for is that no King gets injured. The last thing we want is a repeat of last year’s break where we lost Malachi Richardson for the season. If we can have a competitive game, all the better, but no injuries at all costs. Use the full rotation coach, and let’s get to the break no worse for wear.


The real Kings victory is the friends we made along the way. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!