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De’Aaron Fox expected to play in Rising Stars game

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Good news after a scary fall in Houston

Sacramento Kings v Houston Rockets Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox is expected to play in this weekend’s Rising Stars game. Fox took a hard fall in the closing minute of Wednesday’s game against the Houston Rockets, and required stitches above his eye and on his chin as a result. Whether Fox plays in the Rising Stars game is less important than what his availability says about his overall health.

The fall itself was nasty, and had Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds rightfully wondering on air if Fox may have suffered a concussion. Luckily that doesn’t appear to be the case. Things could always change between now and the game, but for now Fox will plan on facing off against Bogdan Bogdanovic and Buddy Hield as the game pits international rookies and sophomores against US rooks and sophs.

Fox was a late addition to the game, replacing Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers after it was determined that Lonzo would need to duck miss the game with a “knee injury” knee injury.