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Kings vs Warriors Preview: First the Worst, Twenty-Seventh the Best

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The Kings and Warriors are both winners in three of their last four: so they’re essentially equals, right?

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday, the weather is great and its time to get away from all the negativity in the world. No Twitter today, no StR to peruse, you’re just going to spend the day walking around the beautiful city, count the trees and get back to yourself; look at you, you Modern Emerson, you Sacramento Thoreau, you Jay Street Whitman! The Kings are home from their better-than-expected road trip and ready jump right back into play, so it stands to reason that it’s high time you head over to the Golden 1 Center and grab yourself some last second nosebleed seats to watch the Kings take on whatever foe comes in the building tonight. In your bubble of self-reliance, you make your way up the tiny staircase, make an entire row of people stand, scoot for ten minutes before getting to your seat and squeezing yourself in. You set your beer at your feet and settle in to watch the spectacle. Then it starts: the fake baritone rasp of the man behind you.

“Yah, I mean like, LeBron totally deserved it too. He’s such a prima donna. Like you know Steph or Drummond Green or KD wouldn’t leave a team like THE QUEEN did.”

No. No, it can’t be. Suddenly you look around. Blue and Yellow. Yellow and Blue! Your head starts to spin and the upper bowl becomes a used airplane toilet bowl in mid-flush. A shrill, headsplitting scream is emitted.

“AHHH! OH EMM GEE did you SEE that?! Steph was chewing on his mouth piece like you said!!”

The Warriors are in town. They’re very good. If you’d have checked Sactown Royalty today and read the preview, you’d have known that. Now you’ve paid good money to be stuck with a dude behind you explaining why KD is a genius for trolling dudes with multiple Twitter accounts to his girlfriend wearing a Pachulia jersey dress. You idiot.

Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Friday, February 2nd; 7:30 pm PST

Where: Golden 1 Center; Sacramento, CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

This Doesn’t Deserve a Clever Title: Here’s a list of all the things Golden State Warriors fans can drunkenly yell behind you that they’re the best in the league in, but can’t explain much about:

-Points Per Game (115.6) -Offensive Rating (103.1) -Field Goal Percentage (50.8%) -Three Point Shooting Percentage (39.1%) -Two Point Shooting Percentage (57%) - Free Throw Shooting Percentage (81.4%) - Assists Per Game (30.5) -Blocks Per Game (7.9) -Opponent Blocks Per Game (3.7)

The Warriors are also second in the league in: Pace, Field Goals Made Per Game, Opponent Field Goal Percentage, Opponent Defensive Rebounds, Fans Talking About LeBron.

I could list out all the things the Kings are either second to last or last in the league in, but I want you to finish this preview before tip-off.

David (Joerger) vs. Goliath: So there is some good news! The Kings have won three of their last four games, just like the Warriors. The Kings young weapons are also much more comfortable in the NBA now than they were during the Kings last face off against the Warriors, a game in which the Kings WON. When the drunk bro stops slurring WAAAARRIORSSSSS out of his gape long enough to argue that Steph and Klay didn’t play in that game, double down and correct him that it was, in fact, Kevin Durant that didn’t play and that Klay was held to 7-20 from the field. In fact, Draymond Green played as well and was held to just 4-15 shooting. Yikes. If he really starts getting agitated just remind him scoreboard bro, a win’s a win, I personally guarantee it will de-escalate the situation.

The previous game saw Willie Cauley-Stein have himself an all around feast, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again, even with the Warriors at full strength. Coming off a dinged up knee might hamper him a smidgen, but if you see Willie’s line anything close to the 19 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 blocks and a steal that he had the first time around, the Kings chances at keeping the game respectable go way, way up. Friday night’s game should also be a fantastic gauge to where De’Aaron Fox is at this point in his rookie campaign, and after a fantastic January, a good game against Steph Curry would really start the hype train moving down the tracks.

Do the Kings have much of a chance in this game? I once saw Mikki Moore catch seven passes in a row during warm-ups, so I’ve already seen the impossible before. Why not now too?

Prediction: Steph Curry is gonna get so broken by a De’Aaron Fox crossover tonight that his ankles will think they’re in 2012. Draymond Green is gonna spend the whole night trying to cupcheck Willie Cauley-Stein, but will soon realize you can’t smack what you can’t catch. Bogdan is going to haunt Klay for a second game, and in the waining moments, Dave Joerger is going to draw up a game winning play so beautiful that Steve Kerr faints.

Kings: 111, Warriors: 109