The Kings are in good hands.

The NBA All-Star weekend has in the past for Kings fans been a DeMarcus Cousins love fest, but ultimately only reminded them that the Kings only had one high level talent on the team - no shade intended Rudy Gay. But the 2018 All-Star weekend presented a whole new experience for Kings fans, and something we haven't had since the glory days of old. It featured three Kings players involved in multiple events over the course of the weekend. Most notably Bogdan Bogdanovic, Buddy Hield and De'Aaron Fox in Friday nights Rising Stars game, in which Bogdan won the MVP honors. Also Buddy Hield was featured in Saturday nights Skills Challenge, in which he was eliminated in the first round.

The weekend for Kings fans and the Kings franchise showed that not only do the Kings have some good young talent but that the Kings are on the right path with the rebuild, even though they still have a long ways to go. With Bogdanovic, Hield, and Fox leading the way for the Kings future there is plenty of reason for Kings nation to be excited and enjoying the prospects of a bright future. Now the Kings also have many other young and exciting players on the roster, Willie Cauley-Stein, Justin Jackson, Frank Mason III, Skal Labissiere and Harry Giles but for the sake of this article let's focus on the three featured during All-Star weekend.

When you look at Fox, Hield and Bogdanovic they all three bring some similarities to the team yet all also do different things for Sacramento. Fox brings elite athleticism and speed that few NBA players can, an All-NBA defensive team potential as well as a developing offensive game. Hield is a shooter, plain and simple. Buddy is not a premier ball handler, although he is developing as a handler and a playmaker. And Bogdanovic is a playmaker, a highly skilled rookie and all around solid player that understands the game and has the ability to really shoot the ball. Bogdan has adapted seamlessly to the speed of the NBA and is just one of those players that guys seem to love to play with and is great for team morale. Something that is great for the Kings future moving forward once these veterans that are currently on the roster move on.

The Kings have not had three young talented guys like this in a long time, one good thing about these guys is that they are easy to add pieces around, Fox's ability to attack the rim paired with Bogdanovic's ability to play make and Buddy's ability to space the floor can really create some problems for the defense.

Here's a clip below that shows Buddy being doubled off of a dribble hand off because of his shooting ability as well as his lack of handles, nonetheless he is able to find Bogdanovic for the open three. Showing how these two can feed off of each other and make some plays.


The ability for Buddy and Bogdnaovic to play together on the floor and space the defense is a big deal for the Kings moving forward in today's NBA. And when you are able to add in De'Aaron's ability to attack the rim and make defenses collapse, the combination of those things could be potentially lethal for the Kings. Below is just a little example of Fox's ability to attack off the bounce and open it up for Bogdan to move without the ball to get an open look and knock it down.


Now these plays above are not plays that are going to jump off the screen, but these are plays that are encouraging to see and show a small look into what the combination of these players can do for the Kings. Another exciting aspect of these three guys for the Kings is that all three of them are so young and only have room to grow and get better from here. If given the right time to grow, learn from the experience of playing together and the franchise to add pieces around them the Kings could have a chance to get back to playing competitive basketball in the future.

A couple of the major factors that often determines how young players develop is the environment that they are in everyday. And while the Kings have one of the worst track records in the league as far as developing talent and giving them a stable place to grow, it seems that while they most definitely are not perfect they are becoming better. The Kings seems to finally have some semblance of a plan and are letting the youth grow and learn by experience. Also one of the obvious other factors is how hard those players work, and from all indications and reviews that are coming out about the Kings youth it seems that working hard is not going to be the reason these young guns don't succeed.

All indications of these Kings guards so far in their career seems to point to a bright future and that is something that Kings fans can take solace in, and hope that the success of these three means success for the Kings.

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