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The Kings will be keeping Bruno Caboclo

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It seems the Kings have decided to keep Bruno Caboclo in the wake of the Georgios Papagiannis release.

NBA: Toronto Raptors-Media Day
Welcome back Bruno!
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

After some initial confusion in which it was reported the Bruno Caboclo was expected to be waived in order to make room for Joe Johnson and Iman Shumpert, an NBA source has confirmed to Sactown Royalty that the Kings will be keeping Caboclo in the wake of Georgios Papagiannis’ release.

While Caboclo fills a need as a wing player and has some potential upside, the main value the Kings see in him is as an expiring contract. It’s possible he could blow up and the Kings would be interested in re-signing him, but unlikely, given that he’s played four years in Toronto and hasn’t been able to gain any traction there.

With this news, the Kings final tally for the day is as follows:


  • George Hill
  • Malachi Richardson
  • Georgios Papagiannis
  • The Rights to Arturas Gudaitis


  • Iman Shumpert
  • Joe Johnson
  • Bruno Caboclo
  • 2020 2nd Round Pick from Miami
  • The Rights to Dimitrios Agravanis
  • Cash Considerations

It’s unclear at this moment what the Kings intend to do with Joe Johnson although it has been heavily speculated that Johnson will seek a buyout and there has already been interest from playoff teams such as the Warriors and Celtics in signing him if he does indeed get bought out by the Kings.