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Kings vs Thunder Preview: Everything is Okay, See?

After getting blown out in Colorado, the Kings are in Oklahoma City for a game against a Thunder squad hellbent on making the playoffs.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

So here’s how that ever-tightening race in the West is shaping up: the Thunder come into Monday evening’s contest against the Kings with a grand total of two games between them and the third seed in the Western Conference. All good and peachy, until you see they’re also only a game and a half out of tenth place. The space between home court advantage and home counting haters on Twitter in April is tight enough to make a dust mite claustrophobic, and for a OKC team that bet big on bringing in Paul George and Carmelo Anthony this off-season, not making the playoffs would be a disastrous outcome. So, where does that leave the Sacramento Kings tonight? Well, somewhere between a momma Westbrook and her baby playoff run, so... nowhere good. That is, unless you’re looking to make up some lost ground in the hunt to be disappointed on draft day! Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Monday, March 12th; 5:00 pm PST

Where: Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, OK


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

With just 33 days left on this season of NBA basketball and with our playoff futility streak secured yet again (stop what your doing and read Tim’s piece on it here) the Kings are confront with just being a spoiler, each and every night. Either they’re spoiling the playoff hopes of certain teams by winning, or spoiling their draft positions by winning, or spoiling others draft positions by losing. It ain’t easy being bad, especially for 12 straight season. But hope springs eternal in the hearts of men, the Sacramento Kings will be good again, and probably sooner than another dozen years goes ‘round. Now, while I knock on every piece of wood I can see out my window right now, I want to know what you’re looking forward to in the next few seasons of As The Kings Turn. Here’s a couple of mine:

  1. I’m genuinely pleased with our draft picks this season, and as someone who genuinely got the “here we go again” feels from drafting De’Aaron Fox, I’m very excited to see the leap he makes in Year 2.
  2. I’ve made sure not to see a single highlight video of Harry Giles. Like ever. Save for the Twitter videos the Kings put out of him posting up on Vince Carter, I have refused to add hype to his addition to this team. That being said, everything that they’re telling us is good news. A quick, high motor athlete with a penchant for passing at the four spot? I love it. I’m looking forward to seeing if he’s got himself a career in basketball.
  3. I’m looking forward to Dave Joerger finding someone in the group of young ones. As our guys get more experience and our other vets pass onto other opportunities, I’m looking forward to a version of Joerger that is a bit more into the guys hes coaching. Joerger loved a team in Memphis so much he cried in front of a room of cameras and reporters, and that passion has been none existent from the limelight here in Sacramento. Dave easing up and finding a way to gel publicly with the guys he’s got will be an interesting twist.

OH, Did you come here expecting to see stats on Russell Westbrook in head to head matchups with De’Aaron Fox? Here’s a link to them. Go nuts.

Draft Dreams: Another day, another talented big man.

Prediction: We get to see De’Aaron Fox go full speed into the brick wall that is Russell Westbrook and someone stupid for the Kings will hit a game winner.

Kings: 105, Thunder: 103