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De’Aaron Fox isn’t afraid of the big moment

A brief history of De’Aaron Fox coming through in the clutch

Kimani Okearah

It started against the Philadelphia 76ers. Sacramento Kings rookie point guard De’Aaron Fox received the inbound, sized up Robert Covington, and drilled a mid-range jumper over Covington’s outstretched arm.

Then it happened again in Miami. Down by one with seconds remaining, Fox flew in out of nowhere to slam home a put back dunk against the Miami Heat. It was a stunning display of timing and leaping ability.

And now we have a third example of Fox coming up big in the clutch. This one wasn’t a game winner, but Fox left Spencer Dinwiddie in the dust and sank a high floater to send the Brooklyn Nets to overtime, and an eventual Kings victory.

And just as important, Fox came up with a huge defensive rebound to help seal the victory.

The Kings have something special in De’Aaron Fox. He’s not afraid of the big moments, and in fact seems to thrive in them.