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Kings vs Knicks Preview: A Sunday Evening Shootout

The Kings and Knicks are two of the worst teams in the NBA. Do they have what it takes to make for an entertaining Sunday game?

NBA: Sacramento Kings at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks have lost 11 of their last 12 games. The Kings have lost 10 of their last 13. I could really honestly leave the preview right here just like that and you’ll know exactly the game you’re about to watch... A GREAT ONE! Yes! De’Aaron Fox is going to have to square off against two young lottery pick Knicks point guards, Bogdan and Bogi will get to face off against the $71 million man himself in Tim Hardaway Jr., and Michael Beasley is going to get to network with Zach Randolph on a new business venture! Plus, Jerry talking about Walt “Clyde ‘Not the Glides’ ” Frazier’s suits? Toss this game on TNT, Adam Silver, and don’t mind the boxy, metallic box with treads that it came wrapped in! Let’s make this one a short one today, you’ve got places to go and snacks to grab before The Big Game!

Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Sunday, March 4th; 6:00 pm PST

Where: Golden 1 Center; Sacramento, CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Well I woke up Sunday morning, with no way to way to hold my head that didn’t hurt. Most of that was from seeing Annihilation yesterday, but a good portion was from that Jazz game, that the Kings walked their way through; a win for the tank but a loss for everyone who had to pay money to see the game. It was relatively close at times, and some decent basketball was played on Sacramento’s end, but man, the doldrums of that game. Sunday night’s game might be more of the same. The Kings have had games stacked together this week: three games in four nights followed by a back to back for a group of young kids already supposedly smacking into the rookie wall. Woof. It’s this time of year, after games like the Jazz where fandom can wane a bit. Do you really want to take up your Sunday evening with watching Kosta Koufos and Kyle O’Quinn banging down low? Are you really gonna commit over three hours of your precious off-time to get to the G1C, to watch Tim Hardaway smack us for 26 points with the only interludes being Red Panda (if you’re lucky) and some dancing?

I guess what Debbie Downer is saying is, every single night every night that I’m lucky enough to catch the game, Kings fans are out there doing the damn thing. The team sucks and you’re still so supportive. You weigh all the options above and thousands upon thousands of you still do it, night in and night out. Over a decade of pure NBA ineptitude and you are rocking your jerseys, cheering loud and making the effort to roll out to support your squad. And to be fair, this team always seems to put their heart, soul and sneakers into the game. It’s a pleasure being able to watch a player like Fox, or Hield, or Bogi or Frank, even the old heads like Vince Carter working their tails off to better themselves and it is much preferred to seeing a herd of asses pushing for a 10th seed. Tonight’s game against the Knicks might be a bit more evenly spread and more competitive than the Jazz game Saturday night. It’s just as likely to be a blowout. But, just wanted to take a preview in a meaningless game to tell you that you remain the most loyal and wonderful fans in the NBA.

Prediction: Enes Kanter will put up 18 points and 13 boards, and you’ll never even see it. The Knicks will forgo developing their talent and Trey Burke will play 30+ minutes. Michael Beasley will score over 20 points tonight. You’ll fall asleep midway through the third.

Kings: 112, Knicks: 101