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Pick Watch 2018 (Updated Daily)

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Tracking the Kings positioning

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another year of pick watch! I’ll once again be your jazz conductor for this fun journey to the NBA Draft Lottery on May 15th. The amount of complications and possibilities surrounding our picks this season are greatly reduced from last year, so the constantly updated information will include current standings and key games each night, as well as best and worst case scenarios stemming from those contests.

Current Lottery Standings (via tankathon)

April 10th

Position Team Record GB Top 3 pick %
Position Team Record GB Top 3 pick %
1 Phoenix* 20-61 0 64.3
2 Memphis* 22-59 2 55.6
T-3 Atlanta* 24-57 4 38.2
T-3 Dallas* 24-57 4 38.2
T-3 Orlando* 24-57 4 38.2
6 Sacramento 26-55 6 21.5
7 Chicago 27-53 7 15
T-8 Brooklyn* 27-53 8 8.2
T-8 New York* 28-52 8 8.2
*Mathematically eliminated position for Sacramento to reach

Key Games Tonight (team in bold is who we want to win)

No impactful games tonight.

If the Kings lose to the Rockets on Wednesday, they will secure the 6th position. If the Bulls win on Wednesday, the Kings will have secured the 6th position. If the Kings win and the Bulls lose on Wednesday, they will enter into a tie for the 6/7 slots. In the case of a tie, the lottery balls for moving up are split evenly, and if neither team moves up in the draft, a coin flip determines final positioning.