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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: ZO2, The Mighty Ducks

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Lonzo Ball is going to play tonight! APRIL FOOOOOLS!

The best point guard on the Lakers vs. The best point guard on the planet
Kimani Okearah

Happy Sunday! In the spirit of Easter, the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers decided yet again to leave big old eggs all across the stat sheet and yes, I mean it. This ain’t no April Fool’s Day thing, this is an Everyday Fools things. Lonzo is ducking. Again. An apparent knee injury to Mr. Ball leaves him doubtful to play against Sacramento (and apparently ever again). Never fear though! The Lakers still have plenty of talent actually courageous enough to play and disappoint you! It’s Easter, and a Sunday, are you even still reading this?! Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Sunday, April 1st; 6:30 pm PST

Where: Staples Center; Los Angeles, CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration:

: With Lonzo Ball doubtful and talented small forward Brandon Ingram out tonight, this game is one of those sneaky “why did we win that one” games that stands out when the Kings lose a coin flip out of the lottery slot that will move up to make the first pick. beating the Lakers tonight is the ultimate Rorschach Test of who you are as a Kings fan. What do you see in the game? Lakers tears and balloons? Ping pong balls and Dave Joerger sending Luka Doncic to the D-League his whole first year because he hasn’t bled for this game yet? See what I mean?

Now don’t get me wrong. The Lakers aren’t a good team. Young and talented, yes. More likable than they’ve been since they were based in Minneapolis, sure. They’re probably even favored tonight without Slenderman and the Lonzo. They’re also still the Lakers, rolling through their worst 5 year stretch in franchise history, and being led by a guy right now who might very well walk for nothing at the end of this season and some young, fairly unproven players. The Kings held strong against the Pacers, played well for a half against the Warriors; if Dave Joerger wants to win this game, he’d throw the lineups in there that would do it. So, here’s for more Bruno minutes eh?

I’m done writing today. For all you stragglers coming into the comments to hide from Aunt Linda’s political beliefs and Roseanne takes, please debate;

  1. Potato salad or Macaroni salad?
  2. Julius Randle for 18 mil a year or Marvin Bagley for 6?
  3. Jack Cooley vs. Thanos in an octagon. How long does Thanos survive?

There are right answers to these questions. Do not disappoint me.

Prediction: Kings win in a blow out. Kobe won’t be at the game, because he doesn’t care about those people anymore. You’ll get sick of eating Peeps after exactly one Peep.

Kings: 169, Lakers: Whatever other funny number would make a high schooler giggle.