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Jerry Reynolds stepping away from the booth after 20 years

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A sad day.

via Sacramento Kings

In what might be the worst news since the Maloofs announced their intentions to move the franchise, Sacramento Kings legend Jerry Reynolds announced that today would be his last day as a full-time employee of the Sacramento Kings.

Via James Ham:

“I feel like this is the time for me to make a transition in my career. I just don’t feel like I have the interest or the capabilities to be a full-time employee, as much as I’ve enjoyed my time with the Kings.”

Reynolds has been with the Kings since the very beginning and even before, joining the franchise in Kansas City before their move to Northern California. In that time, he has worn just about every hat possible, from General Manager to Coach to Director of Player Personnel to Color Commentator. He also helped bring the first professional sports championship to Sacramento in 2005 as GM of the WNBA’s Sacramento Monarchs, for which his name hangs in the rafters.

Replacing Jerry in the booth will be former Sacramento Kings guard Doug Christie. Christie is beloved by Kings fans for his time on the greatest team this city has ever had, but even despite that, he will have enormous shoes to fill.

On his replacement, Jerry had this to say:

“He does his job off the court like he did as a player,” Reynolds said of his successor. “He really prepares, he works hard, he thinks it out. I’m not surprised by any of it. He’ll get better and better. He’s terrific.”

While tonight will be Jerry’s last game as the full-time color commentator, we shouldn’t expect to stop seeing him occasionally pop-up in broadcasts, as there are plans for him to do limited contributions to the game broadcasts and pre and post game shows.

Fans going to tonight’s season finale against the Houston Rockets will see a video tribute honoring Reynolds tonight, but even still, it feels like more should be done. For many, like myself, it’s hard to imagine the Sacramento Kings without Jerry Reynolds. He’s been with us through the ups and a whole hell of a lot of downs. He has made blowout losses entertaining, shared our silly nicknames for players (and made a bunch on his own), and never stopped telling it like it is. But for Jerry Reynolds, announcing his retirement on the eve of the season with absolutely no build up seems fitting.

Bon Voyage, Jerry. It won’t be the same without you.