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Vlade Divac and Dave Joerger hold end-of-season press conference

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Kings leadership offers their thoughts on the season

Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings held their end-of-season press conference Thursday afternoon, with Kings President Vlade Divac and head coach Dave Joerger speaking about the season and taking questions from the assembled media. There’s nothing earth-shattering from the press conference, but it is abundantly clear that Joerger’s job as Kings coach is safe. He and Vlade appear to be on the same page and Vlade appears happy with Joerger’s performance this season.

The Kings shared a full replay of the press conference via Twitter:

Vlade was intentionally vague about future plans, essentially saying there’s a lot in the air regarding the current roster. Both Vlade and Joerger praised the improvement of the young players on the roster and their hard work throughout the season, and spoke about the need for better consistency.

Two items I’m sure will cause some angst for some fans:

  1. Vlade repeated his mantra of “we have a plan” but did not elaborate on the plan.
  2. Joerger said he expects next season to be another development season.

Two takeaways I think Kings fans should appreciate:

  1. The coach and the front office are very much on the same page. Some fans may not like the page their on, but at least there isn’t a disconnect between the two.
  2. The team isn’t in a panic over the results of the season. They had realistic expectations and are remaining patient. This hasn’t always been the case in Sacramento.