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Kings lose coin flip, slotted to draft 7th pending the draft lottery

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The Sacramento Kings finished the season tied with the Chicago Bulls for the 6th worse record in the NBA. On Friday a coin toss was held to break the tie, with the Bulls winning. Barring any movement in the draft lottery, the Bulls will pick 6th and the Kings will pick 7th.

As for the draft lottery, both teams will have an 18.3% chance at moving into the top three. The teams simply split the number combinations that would have gone to the 6th and 7th team.

The last coin toss the Kings were involved in (as far as I can remember) was to break a tie with the New Orleans Pelicans. The Kings won that coin toss but the Pelicans won the lottery and went on to draft Anthony Davis.

The draft lottery will be held on May 15th.