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G-League Move to Stockton Becomes Official

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Basketball is coming to Stockton

The Stockton Arena

The news has been out for a few weeks that the Sacramento Kings were planning to relocate their G-League team to Stockton, but nothing was official just yet.

But Michael Tubbs, the mayor of Stockton, announced today that the Reno Bighorns will be completing their move to Stockton after the city council approved of the deal.

With the new city, there was also an opportunity to change the name of the team as well. So the Kings G-League team will be re-named from the Bighorns to the Kings. Yes, you read that right. The team will now be called the Stockton Kings.

While this is a sad moment for Reno basketball fans, the Stockton basketball fans (including me) are so stoked for this announcement.

G-League players also don’t have to travel as far to Reno anymore so that’s a plus.