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Scott Moak will return as Kings PA announcer

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Kings fans may have jumped the gun a bit

Beyond Sport Global Awards Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Sacramento Kings fans were worked into a lather on Wednesday upon hearing that longtime Kings PA announcer Scott Moak had been let go from the organization. As the day went on it became clear that Moak had been relieved of other responsibilities on the entertainment side of the business, but the Kings left the door open for Moak to return to his PA duties. On Thursday Moak confirmed he would be returning for the upcoming season.

The Kings Organization had the following to say to Sactown Royalty on the matter:

“It was always our intention to have Scott continue as our PA announcer and we are pleased that he will remain the voice of the Kings.”

From the moment the news initially broke there had been indications that the PA job could be unaffected. This didn’t stop Kings fans from assuming the worst. Scott Moak has built a tremendous reputation in Sacramento and I have no doubt that he’ll land on his feet in roles beyond the Kings, and his presence on the sideline will be a welcome familiarity in the seasons to come.