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Kings vs Spurs Preview: The End is Nigh

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In the penultimate game of the ‘17-18 season, the Kings face off against a Spurs team that won’t win 50 games for the first time since you were much younger and thinner and happier.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news. The good news is, this is the last early game of the season! After tonight, there won’t be any more of this rushing to be home by 5:30 and missing the whole first quarter nonsense, you’ll have all the way till seven to get yourself ready for Kings basketball. The bad news is, the Kings have one more home game to enjoy and it’s against the best team in the NBA on Wednesday. Yes, the Kings will see out this season doing a cross country Texas Two-Step and tonight they get to face off against the very antithesis of the Kings franchise; the San Antonio Spurs. Sans team anchor Kawhi Leonard for most of their season, the Spurs have found themselves upon the sturdy back of Lamarcus Aldridge (having possibly the best season of his career) and dragged into the playoffs by strong team defense. I won’t say much more because seconds after this gets published, Pops is going to rest approximately 14 of his players. Spurs good, Kings not. Watch game. Feel sad hole in stomach. Eat candy. Still sad. Sleep time. Dream Kings are Spurs.

Lets talk Kings basketball!

When: Monday, April 9th; 5:30 pm PST

Where: AT&T Center; San Antonio, TX


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Snake in the Boot, Fly in the Ointment: With the Kings season wrapping up and our eyes turned almost solely to the lottery and the eventual draft for the umpteenth season in a row, these final two games hold little value other than to get your fix of Kings basketball into your veins before drying out this summer and then spending fall sliding into that inevitable cycle of disappointment for yet another season. We get to waive good bye to the season of the clutch rookies, hope for improvements and spend all summer figuring out a DraftExpress replacement and cobbling together a Sacramento Kings equivalent of the Zapruder film, complete with grainy Twitter footage of Harry Giles at a high school gym dunking on a dude holding a duct-taped mop. Woof.

Then we look to the Spurs franchise, who have had the national media lament the end of their 50 wins streak that started during the ‘98-99 season. Franchises have come in and out of existence, the full extent of the Kings rise and fall, all in that span of time. If Popovich had a child that first 50 win season, that kid would now be eligible to be passed over by 20+ teams and picked by the Spurs and average 13 points his rookie season for his dad. At the end of the day, the Spurs are going to win 47 or 48 games and make some noise in the first round, while you’re wondering if Wendell Carter was held back from being a college star by Marvin Bagley. Its an amazing run by the Spurs, and an arbitrary number goal that wasn’t reached this year takes nothing away from that fact.

Casting the Kings in the role of spoiler for these last few games would be useless. The Spurs are getting in, their seeding meaning very little. The Rockets could lose three more games and still be sitting pretty. Tonight, the Kings are there, solely for your entertainment. The wins and losses don’t matter now. Only how you feel about them. Watch De’Aaron Fox flying up and down the court, Buddy be a pest in the full court pick-up he likes to employ and dump the rest of the junk down the drain. We’re Kings fans, the pain will come soon enough. Enjoy the little morsels of fun when they arrive. Oh also, go read Greg’s piece next door. I recommend that.

Prediction: Pop is resting everyone. The Austin Spurs will have to forfeit their G-League title chances to the Raptors 905 in order come up and play the Kings tonight and still Sacramento will only win at the buzzer.

Kings: 101, Spurs: 100