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2018 NBA Draft Lottery odds

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May the odds be ever in your favor

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here! The 2018 NBA Draft Lottery has finally arrived. Tonight we’ll learn if the lotto gods will smile upon the Sacramento Kings, or if we’ll have our hearts broken yet again. In preparation for the big night, a quick refresher on the lottery odds heading into the festivities. All numbers courtesy of

Team Odds of picking top 3 Odds of picking #1 overall

Phoenix Suns 64.2% 25%

Memphis Grizzlies 55.8% 19.9%

Dallas Mavericks 42.6% 13.8%

Atlanta Hawks 42.3% 13.7%

Orlando Magic 29.1% 8.8%

Chicago Bulls 18.3% 5.3%

Sacramento Kings 18.3% 5.3%

Cleveland Cavaliers* 9.9% 2.8%

New York Knicks 6.1% 1.7%

Philadelphia 76ers** 4% 1.1%

Charlotte Hornets 2.9% 0.8%

Los Angeles Clippers*** 2.5% 0.7%

Los Angeles Clippers 2.2% 0.6%

Denver Nuggets 1.8% 0.5%

* via Brooklyn Nets,
** via Los Angeles Lakers,
*** via Detroit Pistons

De’Aaron Fox will be representing the Kings on the podium, while assistant GM Ken Catanella will represent the Kings in the lottery room.