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Post-lottery podcast roundup

All the analysis your ears can handle

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1 Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

When the Sacramento Kings are discussed on national podcasts it has generally not kind, and for good reason. The Kings have been bad for a long time, have made some very public blunders, and are an easy punchline for NBA pundits. But with the NBA Draft lottery gifting the Kings with the second pick, there’s lots of Kings discussion out there worth checking out.

Of course, before you listen to any of these be sure to listen to The Sactown Royalty Show.

Game Theory Podcast - Sam Vecenie and Cole Zwicker

Vecenie and Zwicker are two of my favorite draft analysts right now. They’re insightful about the prospects and they’re fair to the franchises they discuss. And if you’re on the fence about Luka Doncic, wait until you hear Zwicker rave about him.

The Woj Pod - Adrian Wojnarowski, Jonathon Givony, and Mike Schmitz

This podcast includes some really interesting analysis on a variety of prospects, and there’s plenty of discussion about the Kings. Ignore Givony’s baseless speculation that Doncic would leverage his way out of Sacramento, as this has been completely debunked.

Fascinating bonus, Givony says teams were lining up to draft Georgios Papagiannis in the picks immediately following the Kings. Papa was a bust, but the Kings weren’t the only ones who missed on that valuation.

The Bill Simmons Podcast - Bill Simmons and Jonathan Tjarks

Skip to about 20 minutes into this episode to get straight to the draft analysis. Tjarks is another of my favorite draft analysts, and this is another draft expert explaining why we should get excited about the idea of Luka Doncic. Simmons talks about openly hoping the Kings don’t get Doncic solely because the Celtics own Sacramento’s 2019 pick and Bill is worried Doncic will improve the Kings too much.

Did I miss any good shows discussing the Kings and the lottery? Share links in the comments!