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The Kings finally know who they are drafting at #2

The pick is in.

Duke v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After endless speculation, reports, and contradictions, it sounds like the Sacramento Kings have finally decided who they are going to select 2nd overall in the 2018 NBA Draft on Thursday night.

According to Senior NBA writer for ESPN’s The Undefeated, Marc Spears, the Sacramento Kings are excited to tell the world in a few hours.

You might be asking yourself, self — why is this news?

Well, no less than 30 minutes before Spears revealed that the decision has been made, Yahoo Sports’ Chris Mannix reported that there was still some debate between Luka Doncic and Marvin Bagley, with the front office waiting for ownership’s input.

Spears is as reputable as it gets when you’re talking about members of the national media with good sources inside the Kings organization, so I’m inclined to believe him here despite the whole every report is a smokescreen thing we’ve been dealing with over the last month.

It’s also worth noting that Carmichael Dave had Spears on The Drive this morning, and Spears predicted that Marvin Bagley would be the Kings pick tonight, so, within the last several hours Spears said that Bagley was the pick, and that the decision has been made.

Now, we wait and see.