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Marvin Bagley III says he has a good feeling about the direction of the Kings

The Kings newest rookie spoke with media on Thursday night following his selection.

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings selected Marvin Bagley III Thursday with the second overall pick in the NBA Draft. The 6’11, 234-pound Duke product averaged 21 points (on 61.4 percent from the field), 11.1 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game.

He is one of three players in ACC history to lead the league in scoring, rebounding and field goal percentage, joining Horace Grant and some guy named Tim Duncan.

Following his selection, Bagley spoke to the Sacramento media on a conference call.

Here are some highlights.

On his confidence about being picked No. 2 after his workout in Sacramento: “This whole process I was just trying to have an open mind about every team that I went and worked out for. Anything could have happened. I’m just trying to soak it all in and have a good time, and I’m thankful that I ended up with Sacramento.”

What differentiates him from the other bigs the Kings have: “I just think I can bring a lot to a team offensively and defensively, inside and out. I’m very confident in my game and my abilities. I know how much work I put into this and how much I sacrificed for it, and I’m definitely excited to show the world and my teammates everything I can do.”

What he thinks he can show in the NBA that he wasn’t able to show at Duke: “My ball handling skills; ability to get the ball off the rebound and push and create. I think that is something that I am definitely looking forward to showing.”

On the direction of the franchise and where he fits in: “I had a good feeling about this team, this city, the direction they’re trying to go. I was just trying to hear everybody out and just doing whatever I can to have a good workout, and I’m glad that they picked me.”

About his comments on thinking he should be the first pick in the draft: “That’s just the type of player I am. I have confidence in my game and I still think I’m the best player in the draft and I stand by that. I put a lot of work into it and I’m glad that I’ll be able to show it with Sacramento, and I’m super excited. … It just lit a fire inside of me to want to play and compete at a high level … now all we can do is step out on the floor and play the game.”

On his conversation with Harry Giles and De’Aaron Fox while he was in Sacramento for his workout: “I’ve known those guys for a long time now, so when I was hanging out with them I asked a few questions, but it was really more off of basketball and just explaining about what the city was like, the people around the city, how the fans were. It really wasn’t basketball related. We’ve known each other for a while now, so it was a get-together, having a good time and laughing together.”

Who he plans to come to Sacramento with in terms of a support group: “Same circle – everybody who was with me from middle school, high school, my family – my mom, dad, my brothers. They are going to be there for support whenever I need it.”

Bagley plans to travel to Sacramento on Friday.