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Let’s do our part.

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Bagley III. You’re going to hear that name a plethora of times for the foreseeable future, especially since he is the only player drafted by Sacramento that will stay here. Gary Trent Jr. was drafted 37th overall but he was traded to Portland for future second rounders.

So that leaves Marvin Bagley as the only person we’ll actually care about and look deep into unless some post-draft players picked up impress greatly.

One thing that really “grinded my gears” or infuriated me on draft day was the massive lack of enthusiasm that night. Remember last year how happy and stoked we all were for the players drafted, especially De’Aaron Fox? Where was that energy this year for Bagley? It seemed like most people just jumped to negative conclusions about the guy because the Kings opted not to draft the fan favorite Luka Dončić.

Okay, I get it. Dončić is winning Euro championships and racking accolade after accolade and the Kings may regret not taking him, but that doesn’t mean we put down Bagley in any way. Bagley averaged a double-double (21-11) on 61-percent shooting and 39.7-percent shooting from three in NCAA basketball. Bagley was a proven scorer and rebounder in every single game except against Michigan State where he had to leave early due to an eye injury.

Last season, Zach Randolph averaged 14.5 points to lead the team and Willie Cauley-Stein averaged 7.0 rebounds to lead the team in that category. Yes, the NBA is not the NCAA. Duh. But Bagley’s numbers prove to be impressive and above all, consistent. Consistency has killed the big men on this team.

At the time of writing this, the enthusiasm has definitely picked up and that’s what I wanted to see. The team has been in such a miserable state for way too long, but us fans don’t help the cause by acting like miserable fans. The Kings landed the #2 pick for crying out loud! I guess the amount of prospects at #2 that can change your team is the curse that comes with the blessing. We can’t control the incompetence of the front office. We can’t control many aspects of this team. However, we can control being the loudest and best fans that the NBA has to offer. That’s what we can control.

Bagley is a King now and I can’t wait to see how he turns out. #enthuasiasm