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What would make Sacramento Kings fans thrilled this offseason?

We have meager goals.

NBA: Sacremento Kings-Press Conference Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Around SB Nation NBA today we’re taking a look at what would make fans happy or sad as their teams venture into free agency.

What can your team do in free agency that would make you over the moon happy?

I don’t know that there’s a realistic move that could thrill Kings fans. Sure the Kings could magically sign Kevin Durant or LeBron James, but beyond that “over the moon happy” isn’t really on the radar. Really I think it would be nice to see the Kings land a good player under the age of 28 and not overpay him. In a market that doesn’t expect to see lots of money being thrown around, it would be great if the Kings could be a team finding great bargains.

What might they do that makes you super mad online?

Oh so many things. The Kings could overpay yet another over the hill player to be a “veteran mentor”. Like, please Vlade, please don’t answer the phone when Trevor Ariza’s agent calls. Or the Kings could also blow their entire cap space on an unproven player like Mario Hezonja in a bid against themselves and literally no other team.

How likely is it that you are gonna be happy or sad?

We’re Kings fans. We don’t have big dreams. We want smart signings. Preferably a small forward who can start and be worthy of starting. Maybe a trade to take on a bad contract and get a 2019 first round pick. Despite these meager goals, sad is always the most likely outcome for a Kings offseason.

In conclusion, we’re just hoping against hope for a competent offseason.