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Scot Pollard offers his thoughts on 2018 NBA Draft prospects

Scot’s been right in the past, but has some interesting analysis

Pollard in game seven

Scot Pollard holds a certain cachet among Sacramento Kings fans around draft time. Pollard famously warned that he didn’t think Thomas Robinson would be a good NBA player, and we all know that Pollard was correct on that one. We’ve paid a little more attention to Pollard’s insights on college players since that prediction, and Pollard appeared on Carmichael Dave’s show on KHTK Monday morning. The discussion of draft prospects begins about 16 minutes into the clip.

The discussion is pretty quick, so I’ll distill this down into some key points from Pollard.

  • Believes Marvin Bagley III is the best player in this draft
  • Would take Mo Bamba over Deandre Ayton
  • Doesn’t think Ayton will improve in the NBA
  • Wouldn’t touch Michael Porter Jr in the top 10
  • Wouldn’t touch Luka Doncic in the top 10

There are a few of these ideas worth exploring further. It’s worth first noting that Scot Pollard is not a draft analyst. He’ll tell you the same. He offers his opinions on guys, and realistically we shouldn’t put too much weight on those opinions. For example, last year he suggested that, given the choice between the two with the 5th pick, the Kings should select Frank Mason over Josh Jackson.

Pollard also provided some rather spotty reasoning behind why he would take Bamba over Ayton. Specifically, Bamba is taller and has longer arms. That’s it. That’s the explanation he gave.

Pollard also said he’s not high on Ayton because he doesn’t believe Ayton is 6’11”. Ayton is regularly listed at 7’0”. Maybe he’s 6’11”, maybe he’s 6’10”. But that kind of simplistic analysis is simply not what determines NBA success.

Pollard also provides his reasons for being down on MPJ and Doncic. For MPJ, it’s because he injured. That’s it. Just that he was hurt and didn’t play a year against college kids. I agree that MPJ is a huge risk, but if he’s medically cleared that alone wouldn’t be a legitimate reason to keep him out of the top 10. And with Doncic he says he wouldn’t draft him top 10 because he’s “only seen highlight videos and I don’t trust highlight videos.”

Scot Pollard had valuable insights on Thomas Robinson and Ben McLemore, two players he watched extensively as he worked as a television analyst for Kansas games. If he had watched any of this year’s top prospects in a similar role this year, his insights could be valuable. For now though, Pollard’s own reasoning undercuts his analysis.

Just 17 more days of this, folks.