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Kings no longer interested in Jabari Parker, per report

What exactly are the Kings doing?

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are no longer interested in Jabari Parker, according to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports. Parker, a 22 year old restricted free agent with the Milwaukee Bucks, had previously been rumored as a target the Kings were interested in.

This lines up with what Jason Jones tweeted a few days earlier, that the Kings may not be high on Parker because they didn’t view him as a good fit.

While it’s true Parker plays more as a power forward, it’s baffling that the Kings would be out on him because he’s a 4 while at the same time be searching for a stretch 4. That’s what Parker is.

The Kings are one of the only remaining teams with cap space right now. They can bargain shop or use the space to acquire assets via trade. But up to this point it’s unclear if the Kings are going to do anything at all. They have an opportunity to add talent or draft assets. Failing to do one or the other would be yet another black eye for this front office.

Some have advocated that the Kings should look ahead to 2019. But rolling their cap space to next summer makes no sense. Nearly every team will have significant cap space next summer, and the Kings will still have cap space next year even if they use their space this summer. The Kings have every incentive to improve this team to make it a more appealing destination for free agents next season. There’s no draft pick to worry about. The Kings simply can’t afford to sit back and do nothing.