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Farewell Vince Carter

I’ll miss having VC around the team

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Carter has signed with the Atlanta Hawks, officially ending his tenure with the Sacramento Kings. It didn’t seem like the Kings were interested in bringing Carter back for another year, but it was a possibility many fans would have welcomed. Aside from the cool factor of having an NBA legend on the roster, it was easy to see the positive influence Carter had on the team. We’d see him working out with the young players before games, we’d see him coaching players on the bench, and he’d still give maximum effort whenever his number was called.

With the loss of Carter and Garrett Temple the Kings have now lost two of their most influential locker room veterans. Harry Giles shared a nice tribute to the departing vets, praising them for the way they helped him last season.

As our own Akis pointed out on Twitter, Atlanta provides a combination of playing opportunity and a close proximity to media opportunities. Atlanta is home for Turner broadcasting. Carter has talked about wanting to go into media once his playing days are over.

I’m not surprised Carter is gone. I’m not upset at him. I’m not upset with the Kings. But I’m still a little sad. It was a lot of fun having Vince Bleeping Carter on the Sacramento Kings. Here’s wishing him all the best.