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Will the Kings sign Zach LaVine to an offer sheet?

The rumors persist

NBA: Orlando Magic at Chicago Bulls David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings have been mentioned in connection with Zach LaVine pretty much since free agency began. The combo guard is currently a restricted free agent with the Chicago Bulls, and as the free agent market begins to dry up Sacramento and Chicago are two of the only teams remaining with significant cap space. In a recent episode of the Woj Pod, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski again mentioned the connection between the Kings and LaVine.

“The restricted free agent market is just decimated. I don’t know where these guys are going to get their money. The one hope is Zach LaVine and Sacramento – they’ve been pretty serious about doing that and maybe he can get an offer sheet from them.”

[transcription by Hoops Hype]

Woj’s phrasing makes it difficult to tell exactly who he’s referring to when he says “they’ve been pretty serious about doing that.” Have the Kings been serious about an offer? Has LaVine’s camp been serious about trying to get an offer from Sacramento? It’s vague.

LaVine would be a tricky fit with the Kings. He’s primarily a shooting guard, but has also played point guard in the past. He’s an incredible athlete and appears to have maintained his athleticism even after suffering an ACL injury. He’s a pretty terrible defender, but he’s also a career 37% three point shooter. He’s averaged at least 18 points per 36 minutes each of the last three years, and he’s just 23 years old.

Personally, I’m conflicted about LaVine. He’s a player I like, I’m just not sure I like him on the Kings. And I really worry that if the Kings offer enough to keep Chicago from matching, it will end up being a contract we regret.

We could know more in the next day or so. The free agent moratorium ends July 6th at 12:00 PM ET.